Welcome to this abandoned block of land!

The locals call it the abandoned block and reckon something needs to be done.

So what’s the problem?

Well, look at it! It’s overrun with weeds and waterlogged by a winding creek down the back, which floods in the winter. Local teenagers hang out in the remains of the historic pub on the block, playing music and skateboarding. Descendants of a famous local family gave the block to the local council but nothing’s been done. Some of the locals are pretty upset, complaining about wild parties, squatting, rumours of drug use and damage to this once pristine environment.  

You can help

Last week, the council asked the community for a solution on how the abandoned block should be used. You and your three friends have ideas on what should be done.

What you can do

Decide on a solution by researching different options on the next page.

But will people listen to you?

How will you convince the council that your solution is best for the community and especially for young people like you? You need to influence people and gain community support. After researching, you will make an Action Plan to persuade the council your solution is best.